Social Work

Social workers are well known for their training and skills in helping individuals obtain needed services.  These services may include counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, families and groups; counsel for communities and groups interested in enhancing local social and health care services; and work as advocates for groups coping with governmental challenges of many descriptions.  Practitioners are well educated, trained and are experts in human development and behavior and the work of social, economic and cultural institutions.

Social Workers are especially skilled in helping people secure needed services where they live and work.  These environments may include schools, hospitals, senior centers, prisons, military facilities, public social service agencies and business environments.  They help individuals overcome significant life challenges ranging from addictions, abuse, death, depression, divorce, disability and discrimination to mental illness, poverty, stress and unemployment.  

Social workers must have a degree in social work from a college or university program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Most states require practicing social workers to be licensed, certified, or registered.  These licenses often require continuing education (CME/CEU) credits for license renewal. The American College of Physical Medicine is approved by the State of Illinois through its Department of Financial and Professional Regulations as a provider of CME/CEU credited courses for social workers. 

CME/CEU Courses