Professional Counseling

The American Counseling Association defines the field of professional counseling as one in which practitioners apply mental health, psychological and human development principles, using cognitive, affective, behavioral or systematic intervention strategies.  This process is used to address wellness, personal growth or career development as well as pathology.  One of the key words in this definition is “wellness.”  Professional Counselors focus on ways to help individual patients achieve wellness for themselves.

There are more than 110,000 licensed professional counselors across the country.  As of November 2009, all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia licensed professional counselors.  That means that for the first time the public is protected in all 50 states from unqualified counseling providers.  It also means that professional counseling services can be reimbursed by third- parties.

In many states, including the State of Illinois, Professional Counselors are required to accumulate a prescribed number of CME/CEU hours for license renewal. The American College of Physical Medicine is approved by the State of Illinois through its Department of Financial and Professional Regulations as a provider of CME/CEU credited courses for professional counselors.


CME/CEU Courses