Naprapathic Medicine

Naprapathic Medicine is a physical medicine discipline devoted to the care of patients with connective tissue disorders through non-surgical intervention.  Practitioners of naprapathic medicine are commonly known as Naprapaths or Neuromyologists.

Naprapathy focuses on the evaluation and treatment of muscles, tendons and ligaments and the alignment of the body's entire skeletal structure. Doctors of Naprapathic Medicine use a set of specific and unique manipulation and mobilization techniques along with neurological and orthopedic tests to evaluate a patient’s status. Naprapaths also are trained in detecting more serious conditions, such as those that might require surgery, that may produce similar symptoms, but would require a more aggressive medical intervention. These patients typically are referred back to their primary care physicians or referred to other medical specialists. Naprapaths may order radiological tests—x-rays, MRI and Cat Scans—or advanced comprehensive blood work to help evaluate a patient’s condition. Naprapaths also are highly trained in natural/botanical medicine, nutritional counseling and supplementation.  Advanced testing may be ordered to correct nutritional deficiencies.

Pain Management is significant part of Naprapathic health care. Naprapaths may use a variety of techniques to speed a patient's recovery-- trigger point release; electric stimulation such as sine wave, interferential current, Russian stimulation and micro current; heat or light therapy including cold laser, diathermy, ultrasound, hot and cold packs and exercise rehabilitation.

Doctors of Naprapathic Medicine complete a four-year didactic program which includes a full-year doctor-supervised clinical internship before entering practice.

Naprapaths are experts in treating sports related injuries and other conditions that may be caused by head, neck, back, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle structures. The Naprapath will do a complete Naprapathic Evaluation to determine which treatment will be best for the patient’s quick recovery.

A naprapaths can be an important part of any individual's health care team.

Some states in the United Stated license Naprapathic Medicine and require continuing education for license renewal. The American College of Physical Medicine is an Illinois approved provider for continuing education through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations for Naprapaths.

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