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ACOPM will regularly post news and materials in this space that will be of value to physical and functional medicine practitioners in enhancing patient care and building their practices.  These materials may include white or position papers, news from trade and public media on developments in the field, news about developments in allied health care fields, speeches from health care thought leaders and information and perspective on governmental initiatives of all types, to name only a few possibilities.  Materials may be in audio, print and video format and can be downloaded for use off-line. 


Physical Medicine Practitioners Create New Organization ,  June 1, 2009 

The American College of Physical Medicine (ACOPM) is a new voice for physical and functional medicine worldwide. ACOPM is a multi-disciplinary organization of thought and practice leaders committed to development, application and growth of these invaluable specialties.  Members, practitioners and program participants represent 24 specialty areas.

The Mission of ACOPM is to enhance soft tissue knowledge among physicians and other health care professionals regardless of discipline, and to encourage them to incorporate physical and functional medicine to treat connective tissue and other disorders into their practices. 

ACOPM is the first organization to bring together allied professionals in all areas of physical and functional medicine worldwide from dietitians and nutritionists, chiropractors, naprapaths, allopathic and osteopathic physicians to professional counselors and social workers who focus on the "mind body" connection so critical to healing.  ACOPM serves as a common forum for all to identify and develop inventive approaches to best respond to continually changing patient needs.  This collaborative process enables practitioners to enhance and refine a body of knowledge developed over centuries.  Through ACOPM membership, practitioners have access to an enriching multi-disciplinary environment filled with passionate professionals and opportunities to learn, research, share experience and teach.  Members participate and have the opportunity to collaborate in thought-provoking educational symposia, most with CME/CEU credit.  However, the real power ACOPM brings to practitioners is the opportunity to chart the future for physical and functional medicine and to solidify the critical role these fields play in the practice of comprehensive and effective health care.

ACOMP launches new website,  December 15, 2009 

The American College of Physical Medicine (ACOPM) announced the launch of its new website— 

Wayne R. Cichowicz, D.N., D.A.A.P.M., F.A.B.S., president of ACOPM, said that the new site will simplify the process for physical medicine practitioners to find and register for CME/CEU credit courses that satisfy mandatory licensure requirements.  ACOPM provides a significant portfolio of CME/CEU credit courses for practitioners in all physical medicine disciplines.  Practitioners also will be able to join ACOPM, its standing committees and councils online.  The website will carry the latest developments in the physical medicine field as well as background on ACOPM's advocacy, governance and scientific programming initiatives.

The American College of Physical Medicine is a medical association whose members are practitioners that treat, prevent, and evaluate connective tissue disorders by physical means. This may include manual medicine, connective tissue and spinal manipulation, pharmacology, diet and nutrition, exercise, neuromuscular therapy and rehabilitation.