ACOPM Announces Board Certification in Chronic Intractable Pain & Neuropathy

Great opportunity to “cash in” on the latest national news! You have about a nine month window to take advantage of a big need for the local MDs in your area relative to their fear of prescribing Opiods. Did you know that pharmacists are now refusing to fill pain med prescriptions? They are even reporting any doc who they feel is writing too many scripts. Right now they have no real place to send their patients, and you are perfectly positioned to fill that gap. But you have to do 2 things: 1, learn all the facts about treating global intractable pain and neuropathy, and 2, learn how to use the MDs lingo and make him your partner for free referrals. With this Board Certification, he can be assured that you are, indeed, an expert in applying all the tools available in physical medicine, and the plaque on your wall will reassure your new patients.




ACOPM Announces New 2017 CME/CEU Course Schedule

Looking for some thought provoking, exciting and thoroughly engaging CME/CEU courses to fulfill your licensure requirements? YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!  Topics range from neuropathy, back pain and nutrition to laser therapy. Every course is taught by an renowned expert in the field. Created for all physical medicine practitioners, courses have been scheduled for times to fit your schedule at convenient locations close to you...and offered at a great price.

Check out our course schedule. SIGN UP TODAY!



Join ACOPM as a Professional or Associate Member

ACOPM is the leading organization for physical medicine practitioners worldwide. Whether your discipline be allopathic, chiropractic, naprapathic or podiatric medicine, athletic training, massage therapy, personal training, physical therapy or professional counseling, to name only a few, ACOPM is leading the way in physical medicine to increased health care integration and collaboration. Join the conversation about new ways to serve patients more effectively. Help create new technologies and the techniques to use them. Find exciting ways to build your practice. Join ACOPM as a PROFESSIONAL or ASSOCIATE member. When you do, you will receive one, 6-hour CME/CEU course absolutely FREE. You will receive discounts on other courses, too.



Join ACOPM as a Corporate Sponsor

Does your company provide products and services specifically designed for practitioners of physical medicine? Help support the collaboration, education and research that will dramatically change the practice of physical medicine worldwide. Join ACOPM as a CORPORATE SPONSOR. ACOPM provides three support options for you to consider. We know that one will be exactly what you have been looking for.



Our License Numbers

Athletic Trainers  #186-000110 Occupational Therapists & Assistants #224-000123
Dietitians #199-000116 Physical Therapists & Assistants #216-000217
Social Worker #159-001104 Professional Counselors #197-000184
Naprapath #241-000004 Massage Therapists #245-000040



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